A Simple Challenge Made Specifically For Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs Who Want Less Stress, More Clients, More Impact, And More Of What They Love…

Welcome To Your New 2021 Business !

So many entrepreneurs are feeling stuck in a rut nowadays!

Their brain is telling them one thing… but their heart is telling them something else entirely.

They know they can serve the world… but they feel guilty to charge what they’re worth.

They waste months on programs, certifications, and other stuff that doesn’t help.

They don’t want to be constantly posting on social media to get new clients

They get anxious when it comes to selling their services…

Deep down, they want to just build their business authentically, and create a steady stream of raving fans that just flock to their services… Without having to market themselves or sacrifice their vision.

Sound familiar?

This New 3 Day Challenge Has Helped Hundreds Of Business Owners to:

  • Build a business foundation so they can leverage it for massive success in 2021
  • Connect with their authentic messaging and attract a tidal wave of eager new clients who align with their brand and their mission (without spending a dime on marketing)
  • Absolutely eliminate stress and overwhelm so they can fall back in love with their work
  • Boost energy and focus so they can be more productive
  • Simplify their day to day tasks, find their ‘zone of genius’ and produce stunning results in their business.
  • Get deep, restful sleep (even on a full-time schedule!)
  • Radically alter their daily routine and create abundant success
  • Develop the habits of elite business owners
  • And much, much more!

Bonus Material

I’ve also thrown in some additional ‘Mastery’ bonuses to help get even better results in less time.

  • The Monthly Evaluation Booklet

    What doesn’t get tracked, doesn’t get improved. This handy PDF booklet allows ambitious entrepreneurs to stay on top of their goals, track their progress, and move closer to the impact they wish to create. ($19 Value, FREE with the 3 Day Challenge).

  • The ‘Self-Love’ Protocol

    This powerful PDF guide helps even the most overwhelmed entrepreneurs to eliminate the bad habits that have held them back, tap into deeper self-love and appreciation, and eliminate stress, guilt, or fear from their lives! Filled with practical tips and easy to apply concepts, this is a must-have for all entrepreneurs! ($19 Value, FREE with the 3 Day Challenge)

  • The ‘Purpose Compass’ Guide

    Recent studies show that the most successful organizations that stand the test of time have one thing in common: A ultra-solid WHY. This powerful booklet helps connect business owners to their purpose, get clear on their why, so they can make a massive impact. ($29 Value, FREE with the 3 Day Challenge)

The Expert in Your Corner

Camille L. Miller, MBA, PhD (ABD)

Camille is the Pioneer of the Soul Professional movement & Chief Visionary of the Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP), a global professional network and business incubator for soul-aligned entrepreneurs. She is also the host of Six-Figure Souls: Doing Good & Making Money, a weekly podcast highlighting soul-aligned entrepreneurs who crushed the six-figure ceiling and still feel in alignment with the Universe and their purpose. They are making money AND serving others. Camille believes there is no great secret to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with your authentic self. There is, however, a need to shift your mindset to get there.

Start the Challenge Now!

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